What Is Another Word For Never Ending?

What’s a word for forever?

In this page you can discover 62 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for forever, like: eternally, everlastingly, till-death-do-us-part, always, endlessly, permanently, world without end, on-and-on, for-keeps, ad-infinitum and in perpetuity..

What is infinity in Greek?

The Greek word for infinity was apeiron, which literally means unbounded, but can also mean infinite, indefinite, or undefined. Apeiron was a negative, even pejorative, word. The original chaos out of which the world was formed was apeiron.

Does indefinitely mean forever?

indefinitely – the idea is ‘without any time limit being set’. forever – the idea is ‘until the end of time’. … However, informally we sometimes use ‘forever’ to refer merely to something that seems like a very long time.

What is another word for living forever?

What is another word for that will live forever?immortaleternaleverlastingundyingperpetualenduringlastingabidingdeathlessimperishable238 more rows

What is longer infinity or eternity?

Anything small or big immeasurably is infinite. … Remember that eternity is related to state of being timesless, whereas infinity is related to anything which cannot be counted or measured. Eternity relates to “time” and infinity relates to “many dimensions” (the infinite dimensions in the verse of time, for example).

What is a word for never ending?

other words for never-ending boundless. ceaseless. constant. continuous. eternal.

What is another word for not complete?

SYNONYMS FOR incomplete 1 unfinished, partial, fragmentary.

What’s a bigger word for infinity?

Infinity Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for infinity?boundlessnessendlessnesseternityinfinitenessextensivenessperpetuityunlimitednessbeyondcontinuitycontinuum8 more rows

What is the opposite of infinity?

The opposite of infinity is called infinitesimal, and its nature is equally bizarre. Unlike whole numbers, real numbers aren’t rigid. Their splintered nature allows us to find and create infinite numbers between any two numbers. A number can be combined as many times as it can be divided.

What is the meaning of infinity?

1a : the quality of being infinite. b : unlimited extent of time, space, or quantity : boundlessness. 2 : an indefinitely great number or amount an infinity of stars. 3a : the limit of the value of a function or variable when it tends to become numerically larger than any preassigned finite number.

What is another word for come to an end?

Similar words for come to an end: dry up (noun) give out (noun) cease (verb) halt (verb)