Quick Answer: Who Is The Incident Commander During An MCI?

How often are MCI drills done at an airport?

every three yearsFirst responders from the airport, the City of Philadelphia, as well as from Delaware, Bucks, and Montgomery counties all took part in the drill.

Exercises such as this are mandated by the federal government to occur once every three years..

What is a Level 1 MCI?

An MCI will be classified by different levels depending on the number of victims. The number of victims will be based on the initial size-up, prior to triage. MCI Level 1 (5-10 Victims): Four (4) Advanced Life Support (ALS) Transport Units, two (2) Engine Companies (or equivalent), and Command Staff per local protocol.

What is considered an MCI?

A mass casualty incident (often shortened to MCI and sometimes called a multiple-casualty incident or multiple-casualty situation) is any incident in which emergency medical services resources, such as personnel and equipment, are overwhelmed by the number and severity of casualties.

Who reports to the incident commander?

Command Staff: The staff who report directly to the Incident Commander, including the Public Information Officer, Safety Officer, Liaison Officer, and other positions as required.

WHO declares an MCI?

Generally an incident has to have at least 3 patients. Very rarely will two patients ever be declared a mass casualty incident, however in a small town or rural area, two critical patients plus another patient with minor injuries could be enough to trigger a local jurisdiction to declare an MCI.

How can I be a good incident commander?

Typically, requirements for incident commanders include:Strong communication skills.A high-level knowledge of incident management best practices and systems.Problem-solving skills.The ability to make quick, confident decisions.Listening and synthesis skills.More items…

What is considered a mass casualty incident?

A mass casualty incident (MCI) is defined as “an event that overwhelms the local healthcare system, where the number of casualties vastly exceeds the local resources and capabilities in a short period of time.” Any MCI can rapidly exhaust available resources for not only the MCI but the normal day-to-day tasks of the …

How do hospitals prepare for mass casualties?

Preparing for Mass CasualtyIdentify a location that can be secured and favorable to the flow of pedestrian and ambulance traffic.Identify essential resources needed for deployment.Identify key personnel to respond to an MCI.Ensure you have adequate triage supplies and identify a storage location.More items…

How do hospitals deal with mass casualties?

Hospitals. Hospitals with emergency departments will have a mass casualty incident protocol which they initiate as soon as they are notified of an MCI in their community. … Some hospitals will send doctors to the scene of the incident to assist with triage, treatment, and transport of injured persons to the hospital.

What is the role of the Incident Commander?

The incident commander is the person responsible for all aspects of an emergency response; including quickly developing incident objectives, managing all incident operations, application of resources as well as responsibility for all persons involved.

How many patients make an MCI?

A multi-casualty incident (MCI) is an emergency situation where the number of patients overwhelms the available resources. It has to include more than one patient, and in many jurisdictions, it is generally defined as at least three.

Who does the incident commander relays requirements to?

Local emergency operations centerIn order to help form a common operating picture of the incident and secure additional resources the Incident Commander relays requirements to: Local emergency operations center.