Quick Answer: Which Is An Example Of Offset?

Is a rhizome?

In botany and dendrology, a rhizome (/ˈraɪzoʊm/, from Ancient Greek: rhízōma “mass of roots”, from rhizóō “cause to strike root”) is a modified subterranean plant stem that sends out roots and shoots from its nodes.

A rhizome is the main stem of the plant..

What is offset price?

to balance one effect against an opposing effect, so that there is no great difference as a result: The price of petrol products was offset by a decline in motor vehicle prices. … to pay an amount of money when you do something, for example travelling by air, that produces a lot of harmful waste products.

How old is offset now?

28 years (December 14, 1991)Offset/Age

What is an offset transaction?

An offsetting transaction is an activity that cancels out the risks and benefits of another position or transaction. Offsetting can mean closing a position, if possible, but can also mean taking the opposite position in the same (or as close as possible) instrument.

How are sub aerial stem modified?

In subaerial modifications, the stem is partly aerial and partly underground. Short aerial branches and adventitious roots develop at the nodes. Detachment of entire branch or a node can develop into a new plant.

What is the difference between runner and offset?

A runner has many nodes and nodules. It’s green stem is above the ground and produces many plants. Unlike an offset that produces produces one maybe 2 plants by its roots and rely on the mother for normally the first season . An offset is like a side shoot of the plant .

How do you use the word offset?

Offset sentence examplesThe little time gained was offset by the anger it aroused. … You can’t offset the balance of the entire universe for one woman. … The risk of failure in mining enterprises is offset by the chances of more than ordinary profits.More items…

What is another word for offset?

SYNONYMS FOR offset 2 onset. 17 match, parallel; counterweight, counterpoise; counteract.

Which is an offset?

Offset are the modified stems which on detachment from the parent plant develop into a new plant.

What is the meaning of water hyacinth?

noun. a floating aquatic plant, Eichornia crassipes, of tropical lakes and rivers, that grows so prolifically it often hinders the passage of boats.

What is offset surveying?

Offset. The lateral measurement taken from an object to the chain line is known as ‘offset’. Offsets are taken to locate objects with reference to the chain line. They may be of two kinds.

What is offset in data?

In computer science, an offset within an array or other data structure object is an integer indicating the distance (displacement) between the beginning of the object and a given element or point, presumably within the same object.

Is water hyacinth an offset?

Vegetative reproduction in aquatic plants like water hyacinth takes place through offset. The offset is a runner which originates from leaf axil which runs horizontally having the rosette of leaves above and adventitious root below.

What is mean offset?

(Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1a : to place over against something : balance credits offset debits. b : to serve as a counterbalance for : compensate his speed offset his opponent’s greater weight.

Is eichhornia an offset?

e.g., Pistia, Eichhornia. An offset is a small, virtually complete daughter plant that has been naturally and asexually produced on the mother plant. … This is a cheap and simple process for those plants that readily produce offsets as it does not usually require specialist materials and equipment.