Question: What Do You Do When You Don’T Like Your Roommate?

What do you do if you don’t like your roommate?

9 Steps to Take if You Don’t Like Your College RoommateConsider Your Behavior.

Maybe you and your roommate just need to get to know each other a little better.

Understand the Nature of Conflicts.

No doubt, when living with your parents and siblings, you had plenty of conflicts.

Talk to Your Roommate.


Talk to a Confidante.

Ask an RA to Moderate.

Look Elsewhere.

Move Out.More items…•.

How do I stop being annoyed with my roommate?

It all comes down to communicating with your roommates in an empathic and kind way. Try not to be confrontational without sensitivity. Talk in person whenever possible and don’t use texts, emails, snapchat or Facebook messages to discuss any issues you might be having with them.

How do you deal with a roommate that never leaves?

Try and accommodate the times and days that are best for your roommate, so they have no excuse for not keeping to the schedule. Make the schedule as precise as possible. If your roommate really doesn’t want to leave the room, then even a short amount of time for them will count.

Is it normal to hate your roommate?

It isn’t uncommon to hate your roommate. Depending on both of your interests and lifestyles, you may not be the best match. However, most of the time you just have to stick it out. Here are some things to do if you hate your roommate.

How do I get back at a bad roommate?

22 Ways To Fight Back When You Have The Worst Roommate Of All TimeUse her towel to clean up the mess after your DIY bikini trim. … Leave your naughtiest underwear around the house in the hopes her boyfriend will find them. … Convince her there’s a ghost. … Change your alarm to the sound of orgasms.