Question: What Can I Use To Cover My Concrete Patio?

How do you make old concrete look new?

3 Ways to Make Old Concrete Look New AgainPower Wash.

Over time, your concrete will accumulate grime and dirt.


If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to improve your curb appeal, resurfacing your concrete steps and driveway is a great way to start.

Add Stain or Sealing Coats.

Revive Your Old Concrete..

How do you _ Extend your concrete patio with pavers?

Below, I describe the 11 steps you need to take to extend your patio with concrete pavers.Plan on Paper. With proper preparation and planning, the DIY paver project becomes easier. … Buy Enough Pavers for the Job. … Map Out the Area. … Prepare the Slope. … Excavate. … Lay the Base Material. … Put in Edge Restraints. … Pour a Sand Layer.More items…•

How do you lay a patio on concrete?

QUICK GUIDE: LAYING PATIO SLABS ON CONCRETEMark the area.Dig a bed that’s 105mm deep.Add a 50mm sub-base layer.Mix the concrete – one part cement to six parts ballast.Add a 30mm layer of concrete mix.Lay the paving slabs, leaving 8 to 10mm spaces between them.Fill the joints with the mortar mix.

Should I paint or stain my concrete porch?

For the ultimate in long-lasting, durable color, choose concrete stain. Because concrete stain doesn’t just sit on the surface of the concrete, but actually penetrates into the pores of the concrete to some degree, your color is not going to peel, chip, or flake.

How can I make my concrete patio more attractive?

6 Ways to Make Over a Concrete PatioPaint a Pattern. Yes, you can paint your concrete slab. … Lay Decking Flooring. Did you know you can lay decking over a concrete slab? … Add Curves With Pavers. … Lay Slate Tiles. … Stain the Concrete to Look Like Tile. … Add a Beautiful Outdoor Rug.

How do you cover unsightly concrete?

Several options are available.Paint your cement patio. Paint is an inexpensive and simple way to make an ugly cement patio more appealing. … Tile the patio. … Conceal the cement patio with modular wood tiles. … Lay pavers.

How do you soften a concrete patio?

To avoid the feel of overdoing the hardscape, use grass and groundcovers to break up pathways between patios. Place flowerbeds between structures (like homes and walls) and patio areas. Even narrow 24-inch wide planter-beds will help soften edges and give the yard a more inviting, garden-like feel.

Can you put concrete over old concrete?

If done properly, new concrete can often be poured right over an existing slab. … For this to be feasible, the contractor needs to pour at least 2 inches thick, use smaller aggregate, and incorporate reinforcement such as welded wire mesh or fiber mixed into the concrete.

Do I need to seal my concrete patio?

When concrete patios are left to their own devices, nature may compromise durability and appearance. Winter freezing/thawing cycles could create cracks and flaking, and UV rays may whitewash the surface. Sealing your patio will help prevent this, deter stains and revive appearance with the color of your choice.

Can you put a patio over concrete?

With proper installation, concrete pavers can be installed over existing poured concrete slabs if they’re in relatively good condition. This is known as an overlay, and it can be a great, affordable option for many homeowners.

How do you brighten a concrete patio?

You’ll need 2 parts baking soda and 1 part bleach. I usually start with two cups of baking soda and one cup of bleach. But, that is a fairly small amount. Feel free to double or triple (or even quadruple) this recipe since most patios are large sizes.

Is it better to paint or stain a concrete patio?

Paint has always been the go-to material for enhancing concrete patios. Oil and water-based paints can cover up blemishes, keep water on the surface, and create aesthetics that truly stand out. Stains, on the other hand, penetrates deep into the slab, creating a colored concrete patio that lasts for years.

Can I put gravel over concrete?

Yes, you can. Nidagravel gravel grids are the ideal way to stabilise gravel that is to be laid directly over concrete, tarmac and block paved driveways. In fact, a gravel grid is the only way you can install gravel successfully over a solid slab.